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    Jaggery is a concentrated product of cane sugar. It is used as the sweetener and is often considered as the healthy replacement for sugar. It is sometimes referred to as a "non-centrifugal sugar," because it is not spun during processing to remove the nutritious molasses. Muzaffarnagar is primarily an agriculture based district. For the past 50 years, it is known for its traditionally prepared jaggery. The gud or jaggery made here is also exported to other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana. Muzaffarnagar is considered as one of the biggest markets of jaggery in Uttar Pradesh.


    Muzaffarnagar is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh that is a part of Saharanpur Division. Muzaffarnagar city is the district headquarters. Muzaffarnagar is a part of National Capital Region. This district is located at northern part of Uttar Pradesh. Muzaffarnagar lies between the districts of Meerut on the South and Saharanpur on the North. On the west, the Yamuna separates it from the Panipat and Thaneswar tehsil of the Karnal district of Haryana; and on the east the river Ganga forms the boundary between this district and the Bijnor tehsil of the district of same name.

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    Compendium of Policies and Schemes for ODOP Food Products

    S.No Department Scheme
    1 Ministry of Food Processing PMKSY (Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAMPADA Yojana)
    2 UP Dept of Horticulture & Food Processing Food Processing Industry Policy-2017
    3 UP Dept of Horticulture & Food Processing Integrated Horticulture Development Mission Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna
    4 Ministry of Agriculture Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing(ISAM) 
    5 Ministry of Agriculture National Agriculture Market(e-NAM)
    6 Ministry of Agriculture Mission for Integrated Developmet of Horticulture During XII Plan
    7 APEDA (Agriculture & Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority) APEDA Schemes for Infrastructure Development
    8 APEDA (Agriculture & Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority) APEDA Schemes for Market Development
    9 APEDA (Agriculture & Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority) APEDA Schemes for Quality Development
    10 National Horticulture Board Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Cold Storage Construction
    11 National Horticulture Board Development of Commercial Horticulture Scheme
    12 National Horticulture Board Technology Development and Transfer for Promotion of Horticulture
    13 National Horticulture Board Market Information Services for Horticulture Crops
    14 National Good Laboratory Practice Compliance Monitoring Authority Department of Science &Technology
    15 Ministry of Food Processing Revised Guidelines for the Scheme of HACCP as on 12.11.2018
    16 Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium Equity Grant Scheme
    17 Agmark Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture
    18 Department of MSME & Export  Promotion MSME Schemes
    19 Export Promotion Bureau, GoUP Export Promotional Schemes
    20 UP Agriculture Dept, UP  Facilities and Grants for Farmers
    21 MSME Policy - 2017 Department of MSME & Export Promotion, GoUP
    22 Infrastructure and Industrial Investment Policy - 2012 Department of MSME & Export Promotion, GoUP
    23 CFC (Common Facility Centre) Scheme ODOP
    24 Market Development Assistance Scheme ODOP
    25 Finance Assistance Scheme ODOP
    26 Skill Development & Toolkit Distribution Scheme ODOP