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    The elegantly designed carpets of Sonbhadra are immensely popular. The art of making carpets was probably developed on the plains of Central Asia several thousand years ago. The purpose of its invention is to have some protection from the cold winters, something more easily handled than the sheepskin coverings. These handmade products are known for their artistry, creative designs and patterns. Artisans use traditional methods for making this unique product. This type of intricate designing can only be found on handmade carpets. At the same time they were also making decorations for the houses and banquets.


    Sonbhadra is located in the south-eastern ranges of the Vindhyachal Mountain. It was carved out from the district Mirzapur on 4th march 1989. It is the 2nd largest district of Uttar Pradesh. Sonbhadra district is rich in mineral and forest resources, though the main occupation of people is agriculture. There is good potential of agro-based as well as mineral and forest based units like lime, stone, grits, bricks, mosaic tiles, stone crushing, marble based units etc. The district has historic, cultural, and ecological affinities with the Bundelkhand region.

    The Government is giving recognition to Sonbhadra as a tourist attraction in Purvanchal region. The southern region of Sonebhadra is referred to as the "Energy Capital of India ". This region has many power stations and has three coal-based thermal power plants. This region became an industrial hub from an area of forest and hills. Some of the hills have limestone and many of them also have coal deposits.

    Sonbhadra is also known for its hand knitted and hand tufted carpets. The looms, in their simplest form, were made of two wooden ribs which were secured to the ground and between them the warp was fastened.

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