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  • Banana Fibre Products

    Banana Fibre Products

    The banana fibre is used for making threads, carry-bags, filaments and organic compost. This industry has very promising prospects in district owing to the abundant cultivation of banana in the district. Banana fiber is a natural fiber which has wide range of uses in handicraft product development such as mat, rope and twines, but only 10% of its pseudo stem is being used for making products and remaining is used as fertilizer. Mostly the fibre is extracted by manual process and the yield of fibre is very low. This kind of manual process needs skilled labor.


    Kushinagar (also known as Kusinagar, Kusinara, Kasia and Kasia Bazar) is a pilgrimage town. The district is named after Kush the son of Lord Rama as stated in the epic Ramayana. It is also believed that a type of grass called Kush is found in abundant quantity in the district hence the district is named Kushinagar.

    Kushinagar has the Main Stupa ( a circular civil structure made on the ashes of Lord Buddha) , a 6.10 metre statue of Lord Buddha which is the tallest statue of Lord Buddha found till date among all over the world and Maha Parinirvan Temple, which considered as holiest place in the world for Buddhists.

    The agriculture land is most suitable for sugarcane, paddy, wheat, fruits and turmeric. It is also known for its banana fibre products. The banana fibre is extensively used as a blending material in textile industry; Pulp industry and a wide range of Handicrafts are also made from Banana fibre.

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