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  • Aluminium Utensils

    Aluminium Utensils

    The Pukhrayan region of the district is known for the utensils produced here. Aluminium is a lightweight metal with very good thermal conductivity. It is resistant to many forms of corrosion. Aluminium is commonly available in sheet, cast, or anodized forms, and may be physically combined with other metals. Various products from aluminium (e.g. vessels, tanks, spoons, kettles) and steel (e.g. buckets, plates, glasses, spoons and pressure cooker) are made here. These are sold in local markets as well as in other districts like Jhansi, Hamirpur, Banda, Kanpur, Auraiya, Etawah and more.


    Kanpur Dehat was formed on 23rd April, 1981 from the existing Kanpur district. It comes under Kanpur Division. District has industrial areas like Rania, Jainpur, Jhinjhak, Rasulabad and Derapur. It is mainly agriculture dominated and main crops are potato, oil seeds, paddy, sugarcane, wheat and pulses. Entire district has plain land and flow of water is north-west to southeast. The main rivers of district are Yamuna, Pandu and Rindh. The important articles manufactured in the district of Kanpur Dehat are leather goods, handloom cloth, medicines, shoes. aluminium utensils, raw leather, tractor trolly, mustard oil, flour and agricultural implements. The important commodities which are imported to the district are leather, iron, food grains, yarn, wood, cloth and fertilizer etc.

    Plastic Products

    Plastic goods industry is also speedily growing in Kanpur Dehat. This industry can be categorized as Medium and Small Scale Industry. Daily usable goods like Bucket, Mug, Chairs, Tables, Boxes and other items which are used in other industries, are manufactured here. Bigger dies are used to manufacture these products. Various kinds of plastic granules are used, generally called “Dana”, is the major raw material for plastic products. This is imported from the factories of Mumbai and also from local dealers. Quality of the products is determined on the quality and grade of the plastic granules. To ensure durability of the products, a material named “Compound” is mixed with the granules. Many other businesses are associated with this industry and provide employment to many people.

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