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    Moonj Products

    The Naini area of Prayagraj is known for its Moonj craft. Easy availability of raw materials has enabled this craft to flourish in the district. The market is flooded with a variety of products made from moonj like basket (daliya), coaster stand, bags, decorative items and more. Eco-friendly moonj products have the potential to do well in the national as well as international markets.


    Prayagraj is one of the oldest cities in India. It is situated at the confluence of three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati. The Kumbh mela held in every six years and Mahakumbh in every 12 years at Prayagraj (Sangam) witnesses the largest gatherings of pilgrims on this earth. Uttar Pradesh has a tradition of making baskets for everyday uses and for special occasions by coiling the outer layers of the grass called moonj.

    The village Naini is the major producer of Moonj- wild grass products. Moonj and Kaasa are the types of wild grass that richly grows near the banks of the river in and around vast areas of Prayagraj. This craft is practiced mostly by women. Moonj is outer layer of the grass which is peeled and knotted. This art is been practiced from the last 60 to 70 years. The grass is cut during the winter and the peel of the stalks is left out in dew for days to lighten its color. Many spilts are dyed in bright color and binding is done these days with plastic strips, tinsel or cloth.

    The motifs of basketry are created by adding colored grass in between. The Moonj coiled grass products are ideal to serve daily life purposes. These natural products can be used as containers, food storage devices and wall decorators. The products are very simple, attractive and eco-friendly.

    Food Processing

    Teerthraj Prayag has a special importance in the field of food processing industry. The fertile land of this area is main reason behind it. The district is located in great plane of Ganges and has plane topography, thus all kinds of crops are harvested here in big quantity. Fertility of this area remains balanced because of strength of alluvial soil and resurfacing by a new layer of soil through erosion every year. Vegetables and other food grains are included in this industry. Well processed food items are exported to other cities and states outside Uttar Pradesh. Maximum expansion of the district is in the rural areas, thus the industry is also spread in the out skirts and even in remote areas. In the urban areas, the food processing industry is directly related with some other kinds of businesses and depends on small industries, located in rural areas, for main ingredients.

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    Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh is well known for its moonj basketry and cane & bamboo work. The culture for the city provides best handicraft artist for basketry to promote art and handicraft items of Prayagraj to entire India. The artisans in Aligarh provide best design ivory sculptures, leather good, woodcraft along with traditional clothes and materials. The motif patterns are created with their own imaginative idea and skill without using any traced design. The final products are produced to cater to the local need. The artisans get chance to display the products in Shilp melas and craft melas.

    Relevant Schemes & Policies

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