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  • Musical Instrument (Dholak)

    Musical Instrument (Dholak)

    There are around 300 small units producing wood based drum instrument (Dholak) in the district, which provide employment to over 1000 artisans. The Dholak is played using a stick or with hands. Owing to social development, the scope of this unique musical instrument has expanded.


    Amroha is a small town in North West Uttar Pradesh, close to Moradabad. Amroha got its name from Aam i.e. Mango and Ruha which is a variety of fish that is found in abundance here. This small town is actually the hub of manufacturing Dholaks and Tablas. There are numerous small-scale manufacturing units that produce Dholaks and other percussion instruments. They use the wood from Mango and Sheesham trees to carve out the multiple sized and shaped hollow blocks, which are later fitted with animal skin, mostly goatskin, to create the instrument. They distribute these instruments across the country and also export it to all major places. Some of the industries in Amroha include cotton & textiles and the small-scale production of cotton cloth, hand-loom weaving, pottery making and sugar milling. The secondary ones are carpet manufacturing, wood handicrafts and dholak manufacturing.

    Readymade Garments

    Amroha city is also recognized for the readymade garments manufactured here. This district has so many units of readymade garment manufacturing. Readymade garments are manufactured here for children of all age group to adults. Raw material is imported from Kanpur, Delhi, Agra and Kolkata etc. for the units engaged in this business. Products manufactured here are the much demanded items in nearby districts. This industry is being developed here as small scale industry. The products manufactured in this district are sent not only to open market but displayed in various exhibitions organized at national level. Many people from urban and rural sector of Amroha are connected with this industry in different forms.

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    Being a Muslim dominated area, there are lots of master craftsmen, who show their craft in making these musical pieces. There are other handicrafts as well that come from this place like carpets or Kaleen and wooden toys.