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    Sanitary Fittings

    Sanitary fittings such as taps, etc. are produced in the district. These products are made with core mechanism and sand dye casting method. There are as many as 50 micro and small units involved in production of taps in the district. Mathura is a well-known centre for manufacture and supply of sanitary fittings in Uttar Pradesh. Range of Sanitary fittings includes Pipes and Fittings, Sanitary Wares, Water Pump, Shower Taps, Water Tanks and Bathtubs, Faucets, Water Tubes and Mirror Cabinets etc.


    Mathura district is situated along the River Yamuna. It is a part of Agra Division and Mathura town is the district headquarters. Mathura is bounded by Aligarh District on the north-east , Hathras District on the southeast, Agra District on the south, and Rajasthan on the west and Haryana state on the northwest. Mathura district is an important pilgrimage centre of Hindus and it is considered as the home town of Lord Krishna.

    Attire of Thakur Ji Adornment Sculptor and Necklace

    Mathura is referred as religious city. The cottage industries of the city produce attire and adornment of Lord Krishna, necklace used by sages, and adornment sculptors as major products. Demand of these products continues throughout the year. Domestic and abroad devotees buy these goods when they arrive in Mathura. They also bring back these things from here for their friends and family member as Prasad of Lord Shri Krishna. This cottage industry has higher potential of development. Rudraksh which is used in necklace, cloth for dresses and stone for adornment sculptor are also locally available. Artisans don’t need to go through the jumbled up commercial process to get such materials to make these products. These products of Mathura are famous across the country.

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