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    Handmade Paper Art

    The craft of making handmade paper from waste paper and cloth strings is prominent in Kalpinagar, situated on the banks of Yamuna River in the district. This paper in used to make a variety of products such as office files, carry bags, absorption papers, visiting cards and more. The quality of production can be improved by using modern technology and methods. Jalaun is known for its specialization in providing Handmade Paper with different designs and patterns in different thicknesses and sizes which are suitable for a variety of decorative purposes.


    District Jalaun is one of the important district of Jhansi division under Bundelkhand region. River Yamuna flows in its north east side and many other rivers are flowing in its western Side. The two largest towns are Konch and Kalpi. The district was traversed by the line of the Indian Midland railway from Jhansi to Kanpur. A small part of it is watered by the Betwa Canal. Grain, oil-seeds, cotton and ghee were exported from here to various other regions. Before independence, Kalpi was among few centers in the country where the art of creating paper from waste material was popular. Many entrepreneurs as well as the local artisans are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a superior collection of Handmade Paper in Kalpi since earlier times.

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