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    Zari-zardozi embroidery is a very rich and traditional craft. Zardozi comes from 2 Persian words, "Zar" means gold and "dozi" means work. Zardozi embroidery is a type of metal embroidery which involves making elaborate designs, using gold and silver threads along with studded pearls and precious stones. The embroidery is generally done using golden wires. In order to nurture and promote this craft, there is a need to ensure easy availability of raw materials and provide training in design, marketing and product development. Many of the artisans are associated with this craft and do it for a living.


    The Unnao district is situated between rivers Ganga and Sai, Unnao has made place in the pages of history since ancient times. The district has been popular from the view of history, literature, religious and cultural heritage.

    Unnao is a large industrial city with three industrial suburbs around it. It is the 37th largest city in Uttat Pradesh. Leather Industry, Handloom & Textile Industry, Education Industry are main industry of Unnao district. The city is famous for its leather, zari-zardozi work, mosquito net and chemical industries. Zari Zardozi is one of the major existing Clusters in Unnao.

    Unnao is an historical city with many historical buildings and structures. Trans Ganga City, a new satellite town of Unnao is being developed in order to develop Unnao as a major industrial and infrastructural hub as the region comes under Kanpur-Lucknow Counter Magnet Area. Unnao is also known for printing & dyeing for 'Lihaf'(Quilts).

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