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    Patchwork and Zari work is the main handicraft of the district. Zardozi comes from Persian words, "Zar" means gold and "dozi" means work. Zardozi embroidery is a type of metal embroidery which involves making elaborate designs, using gold and silver threads along with studded pearls and precious stones. This work is generally considered as 'job work' here. As many as 25000 artisans are associated with this craft. The craftspeople who worked on this elaborate version of gold and silver wire work setting them along with seed pearls and precious stones on silk, brocade and velvet fabric.


    The larger part of the economy of Rampur is based on agriculture. The main industries of Rampur are sugar processing units, zari embroidery work, textile weaving, Plywood related work and the manufacture of agricultural implements.

    Zari-Zardozi or Gold embroidery has been in existence in India from ancient times. It is popular in the Indian cities of Lucknow, Farrukhabad, Chennai and Bhopal. Zari and zardozi works that adorn and beautify the clothing of the Nawabs as well as the common man are from the magical hands of the weavers and knitters in Rampur. Being Nawab's residency, the city is cradle of zardozi and hand works. Hand and embroidery work from Rampur has its own value in the neighboring country. The zardozi products from the city have become the brand to carry its own authenticity.

    The kite-making industry is one of the oldest and prime industries in Rampur, with various sizes and shapes of kite created by hand. The kites made in Rampur are in great demand all over Uttar Pradesh.

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