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    Asafoetida (Hing)

    Hathras has been a large scale producer of Asafoetida or hing for the last 100 years. This has given the district a distinct identity. Raw Asafoetida is mainly imported from countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan among others. Asafoetida as a product is being used since years as an important ingredient in Indian households because of its curative advantages with medicinal property. Various communities in Hathras are involved in production of Asafoetida. There is a need to replace obsolete processing machinery with latest machines and technology to boost the production.


    Hathras comes under the Brij region of Nothern India and is famous for its Industrial, literary and cultural activities as a part of Aligarh .Historically and according to Purans, Hathras can be of the age of Mahabharata. Hathras was an industrial hub during the British Raj. Cotton milling, knives, the spice asafoetida or “hing” and Desi Ghee products were the main industries. The last two continue to thrive. Cotton milled at the Purana Mill Compound was exported around the world. The chief articles of commerce are sugar and grain. Hathras is now notable for Holi Colors and Gulal powders, the manufacture of ready-made garments, chemicals, carpet manufacturing, artificial Moonga-Moti pearls, brass, artware and hardware, edible oil, metal handicrafts and beverages. The Hathras district is predominantly agricultural and nearly 70% of the work force is still engaged in the agricultural & allied activities.

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