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    Sumerpur town of the Hamirpur district has been known for production of leather shoes or juti which is completely handmade. Technical training and financial aid is required for ensuring high quality production and promotion of this industry.


    Hamirpur district is a part of Chitrakoot Dham Division of Uttar Pradesh. Hamirpur town is the district headquarters and consists of four Tehsils namely Hamirpur, Maudaha, Rath and Sarila & Seven Blocks i.e. Gohand, Kurara, Maudaha, Muskara, Rath, Sarila and Sumerpur. It is located on the confluence of two rivers; Yamuna and Betwa. “Coarse sand” found on the banks of river Betwa is exported to many parts in Uttar Pradesh. Some of the tourist attraction of the districts is Kalpavriksha, Meher temple, Chaura Devi temple and Sangmeshwar dham temple.

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