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    Budaun is famous for its Zari-Zardozi products. This work is prominent in tehsil Budaun, Bisoli, and Dataganj. Almost 35 per cent of the families are engaged in this industry. The Zardozi industry is largely cottage industry. Raw materials used for this craft include silk, kardana pearl, kora kasab, fish wire, nakshi, nos, pearls, tubes, chanla, jarkan nori, leaves, mirrors, golden chain etc. Locally, this work is also known as Karchobi.


    Budaun is in the Bareilly Division. It was an independent local kingdom before 11 Dec. 1949. The Badaun district covers an area of 5168 Sq.km within six sub-Division and 18 Blocks. Out of 520039 Hectare total area, forest covers 6899 hectare. In Budaun there are more than 5,000 registered industrial units. The major Industry that has been established here is of Zari-Zardozi and there are also small scale industries like Agro Based Industries, Garment Industries, Wooden Furniture based Industries etc.

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