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    Black Pottery

    Black Pottery is made in Nizamabad area of Azamgarh district from a special type of soil which is used for this craft. Around 200 artisans are engaged in making black pottery here. A variety of products, including vases, utensils etc. are made by them. There is a high demand for this craft for decorative as well as utility items.


    The industrial base in Azamgarh is not very strong, but the district has good agricultural base. One of the oldest industries of the district, pottery still contributes substantially to the economic life of the people. The fancy pottery made in Nizamabad is famous in the world.

    The potters make tea-pots, sugar-bowls and other decorative articles. The earthen wares and statues of Gods and Goddesses particularly of Ganesh, Laxmi, Shiva, Durga and Saraswati are also made. These products are popular during fairs and festivals. This particular smooth black clay is plentifully available in the district. The black look is obtained by dipping the pot into the solution of clay and vegetable. After that for better look they use mercury, raanga and lead.

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