• Siddharthnagar
  • Food Processing (Kala Namak Rice)

    Food Processing (Kala Namak Rice)

    This district is known for its good agriculture. The soil and climate is good for rice. A variety of rice known as ‘Kala Namak’ is very popular across the country. There are many units engaged in rice processing in the district.


    On December 29, 1988 Siddharthnagar was created as a district of Uttar Pradesh. Navgarh town is the district headquarters. The district is adjacent to Nepal. Silica sand is collected from the river banks in form of minerals. Most of the land of district is fertile and main crop grown here are Rice, Wheat, Sarson & Potato. Kala Namak is a variety of rice very popular.

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    • Major Industries


    • Rice Mill
    • Agro based
    • Ready-made Garments and Embroidery
    • Wood/Wooden Based Furniture
    • Paper and Paper Products
    • Leather Based
    • Chemical/Chemical Based
    • Metal based
    • Engineering Units
    • Electrical Machinery and Transport Equipment
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    • Handicraft based

    The culture for the city provides best handicraft artist and cottage manufactures to promote art and handicraft items of Aligarh to entire India. The artisans in Aligarh provide best design ivory sculptures, leather good, woodcraft along with traditional clothes and materials.