• Saharanpur
  • Wood Carving

    Wood Carving

    Wood craft, which is the main handicraft of this district, is about 400 years old. These products are famous for their beautiful and intricate designs and carvings. Sheesham wood is the main raw material used in this industry. The export of wood carving furniture and handicraft products to various countries is carried out by exporting units in the district. This industry has given a boom to self-employment in the region on small scale and has also generated number of employment in the district directly or indirectly.


    Saharanpur district attained the status as Saharanpur division in 1997. Limestone is the main mineral present in the district. The physical features and the climatic conditions of this district have played an important role in shaping the topography of Saharanpur district and making it an important part for the rest of the country. The District covers a forest area of 3,32,229 Hectare or 9.13% land area of Saharanpur. In area under Shivalik reserve forest Shisham, Sal etc. are found. Total registered industrial unit in district are 12,172.

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