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    Perfume (Attar)

    Kannauj is popularly known as the ‘perfume city’. The ‘Suras’ and ‘Aroma Development Center’ (FFDC) in the district is operational since 1991. This institution has been established in collaboration with UNIDO, Central Government and State Government. The district is best known for its essence, flavor, and fragrance in the International market. In this institution, all the dimensions related to ‘attar’ (the cultivation of the plant, processing, biotechnology, training consultants and other related functions of aromatic plants) are carried out. Farmers are diversifying from traditional crops towards cultivation of aromatic essential oil products, hence enjoying good profit from these cash crops.


    Kannauj famous for distilling of scents is known as India’s perfume capital and is renowned for its traditional Kannauj Perfume. Kannauj itself has more than 200 perfume distilleries and is a market center for tobacco, attar (perfume), and rose water, It has given its name to a distinct dialect of the Hindi and Urdu language known as Kanauji, which has two different codes or registers. Kannauj district is also famous for the bidi industry. It is the largest bidi supplier in Uttar Pradesh. Fragrance & Flavor Development Centre (FFDC) aims to serve as an interface between essential oil, fragrance and flavor industry and the R & D institutions both in the field of agro-technology and chemical technology. Main objective of the center is to serve, sustain and upgrade the status of farmers and industry engaged in the aromatic cultivation and its processing, so as to make them competitive both in local & global market.

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